Meet Us


We are a company built on family. We started small as a family owned operated business but grew rapidly. We found ourselves able to expand in not only the areas of product but the ability to hire others helping our community and fulfilling a life commitment for our family.

When we started into the popcorn business it was trial by fire, sink or swim. We didn't have anyone to teach us the ropes and show us how it's done. I, Rusty started experimenting with roasting popcorn and learning the science behind it all.  I loved consistently popping big, quality kernels!

We then began working on flavors. Cheese. Chocolate. Secret ingredients. Hundreds of combinations. Thousands of taste tests. People love the amazing flavors!

Whether you are interested in buying our exclusive seasonings to add to your popcorn, or if you want to buy our ready-to-eat popcorn, we are here for you.

We love teaching others new way in which they can use these flavors to enrich their recipes at home on vegetables, dips, rubs, fries, pastas, salads, and so so many more ways.